Personal Branding Photos | Chef Silvana

February 1, 2021

Personal Branding Photos |Chef Silvana

Personal Branding photos are one of my favorite kinds of shoots. As a San Diego entrepreneur myself, I love learning about what my fellow San Diego peers are up to! Whether they are San Diego business coaches, personal trainers, own their own wellness studio, etc. In this San Diego personal branding photos | Chef Silvana showed me her talent in the kitchen! She is a Peruvian pastry chef! One of the sweetest shoots ever!

When shooting a personal branding session it is important to prepare for the shoot as much as possible. What I mean here is that you should speak with your client, preferably over the phone, to discuss what their objective is with these photos. Are they using it for social media content, for their website, for print advertising, etc? This also helps your client take a step back and review their needs for these photos.

In order for the client to maximize their shoot, I would highly suggest that you have them bring multiple outfits. This way it looks like they had several shoots over the course of a few days and not all at once. A trick to help with that is to also change the hairstyles on them too or accessories. This way their audience stays engaged as they are seeing different looks and outfits.

When shooting personal branding sessions for those working in food, they will most likely have the food prepped and ready for the final touches. Here, Silvana brought over a few pastries. The cake was already done, but for the cookies, she wanted to show the process of finishing them. So I would capture her process of completing the cookies.

Since Silvana focuses on Peruvian pastries, Peruvian knick knacks, served as a great prop to use for decoration! Colors helps to contrast on darker objects like with her chocolate cake. Going back to understanding your clients photo needs, it’s always a great idea to ask if your client prefers vertical vs horizontal photos.

Something I realized when I was shooting food, is that the more food the better. It looks great when the dish is full, not cluttered, but simply full. You don’t want to much empty space on the dish the good is being showcased on.

Ask your clients if they are going to do any marketing promotions with the photos. This way you make sure you photography appropriate content. In this case, Valentine’s is coming up. I made sure to photography the Valentine’s inspired product and also keeping in mind to leave room for her to add text to the photo if need be for her posts.

Personal branding shoots can be shot indoors in or outdoors. Whatever the case is, I always like and try to use natural light as much as possible! It makes your subject smoother and more natural. As long as you can position them close to a window you will do great! I mainly use prime lenses when shooting portraits and personal branding.



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