Mission Beach Personal Trainer Branding Photos | Keith

October 19, 2020

Mission Beach Personal Trainer Branding Photos | Keith

I am having so much fun doing San Diego Personal Branding photoshoots! I get to learn about all these different careers that people have and how they have built their business from the ground up! Keith is a returning client and for this session we went to Mission Beach for his personal trainer branding photos for his website and social media.

Originally we were going to shoot more street shots with different backdrops and minimal cement walls. Then we thought about going to PLNU. With Covid-19, we didn’t want to take chances in case we couldn’t access the track field so I found the next best thing!

Every morning I try to go on a bike ride at the Mission Beach boardwalk. It’s such a great way to start the day and clear your head. When I was biking through south Mission, I remembered I had shot once at the lifeguard station and it had the perfect mix of cement walls, clean sandy beach and palm trees! I showed him a video of it and he was game!

We prepped for the shoot and made sure I knew what equipment Keith was going to bring so I could imagine which locations to start and how I would pose him. We started this shoot in the early morning so the sun wouldn’t be so bright so we had to work efficiently. Keith chose the hour collection so I had him let me know how many changes he had so I could make sure we could fit it all in.

I loved this location, it really provided us with so many backdrop options! One personal branding photo tip, is to always ask your client how they will use the photos. If they plan on adding text to the photo, is it for a specific place on their website. You want to know these details so you can make sure you shoot horizontal or vertically respectfully and leaving adequate space in the photo for text.



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