Lifestyle Branding Headshots | Samantha Bove

January 26, 2020

Lifestyle Branding Headshots | Samantha Bove

What a treat it was to shoot Samantha Bove’s lifestyle headshots for her business Zen Boss Academy! Samantha reached out to me because she needed social media content for her website and instagram. She was in search of a lifestyle photographer to bring all that she does to life! Samantha helps brands tell their story and thus creating loyal customers. Definitely check out her work if you need assistance in organizing your brand message.

If you are needing lifestyle headshots or content for your social media let’s get together and brainstorm ideas. With Samantha, I asked her to send me a list of topics she wanted portrayed in the photos. I then had her send me the link to the PeerSpace location that she rented so I could know ahead of time what kind of rooms we had access to. This way we could link the topics to the rooms. I like to be as efficient as possible, that way we can focus on being creative the day of the shoot since we know what we need to cover.

Because we prepared as much as we could ahead of time, we were able to get a lot of topics covered in our 2 hour session. She had a bunch of different outfits already picked out and she had me review them to make any final adjustments. This allows for Samantha to mix up the visual content on her social media.

Peerspace is a great resource! If you have a vision for particular backdrops, you can totally search for it on their website. That was you don’t have to worry about organizing your home or buying new furniture. Just rent a space that already has the aesthetic you are looking for. Such an easy alternative at a reasonable price!



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