Balboa Park Sibling Portrait Shoot | Myles + Elliot

September 15, 2020

Balboa Park Sibling Portrait Shoot | Myles + Elliot

Your little ones grow up fast and it’s nice to be able to go back and look at photos and see how they grow each year! Also a great way to post those “throwback Thursdays”. As a San Diego family photographer, I love having the opportunity to shoot at so many beautiful locations. For this sibling brother portrait shoot, we went to Balboa Park! There aren’t enough hours in the day to explore all of Balboa Park!!

These two brothers are just adorable!! Their parents made sure to bring essential supplies like toys and treats!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to bribe your little ones during photoshoots! It definitely keeps the shoot in a positive and fun environment. Some kids love the camera and others, need, well, a little encouragement. Especially when it’s outside their nap times.

Another tip for shooting kids and toddlers is props! We used bubbles when we went to the chalked floor area of Balboa park and it was a hit!! The kids loovvveee the bubbles and had so much fun chasing them. Here you get a lot of fun candid shots as the kiddos interact with the flying bubbles.

Balboa Park has so many nooks with different trees and flowers and plants! It makes for some beautiful backdrops, especially when times with the sunset! The way the light hits the tree trunks makes all the warmth wrap around your subject.

As a San Diego portrait photographer, I always like to find the best backdrops that will make the subject pop! Whether the backdrop is a bold color or texture. There were definitely many options at Balboa Park! I am sure there were more I hadn’t even seen! Each time I go to Balboa Park I always find a new spot to shoot at!



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