Encinitas Personal Branding Session | Psalm Pollock

April 29, 2021

Encinitas Personal Branding Session | Psalm Pollock

As a San Diego Lifestyle photographer, I love doing personal branding shoots! These are shoots where you require photos of yourself in the topics you are going to cover whether you are a chef, a personal trainer, a coach, etc. It showcases who you are as a person and how you brand yourself. It’s more personal than a headshot. It allows you to express who you are as a person and what you are all about. In this Encinitas Personal Branding Session | Psalm Pollock is revamping her social media and website. She is a copy writer and wants to have content to use for her website as well as instagram posts.

Personal Branding shoots are a ton of fun, but you have to make sure you are well prepared for it! Both you and your client must have at least one creative call before the shoot. You want to make sure you understand his or her goals and objective for the shoot. You need to ask them specific detail questions like do they want vertical or horizontal photos. Do they know where they are going to place these photos on their website. Many times they just think to book a shoot and have photos taken of themself, but they neglect to stop and review where the photos will be placed. It’s important to outline the photos needed, the pose, the wardrobe, the props in order to make this shoot as efficient for your client as possible.

The ideal would be two have two calls. The first is to get a lay of the land from your client. Why are they doing the shoot, where will the photos be used, what are the tabs on their website and topics for their social media posts. Most importantly, what kind of image do they want to portray and come off in this shoot. I asked Psalm what version of herself she wanted to show through in these photos and she said FUN. I want to show everyone fun Psalm! With that, I made that the theme throughout the shoot and would say that mantra throughout the session to remind her of who she wanted to portray.

On the second call you can review the props needed, wardrobe, location! In this San Diego Personal branding session Pslam chose a beautiful location off of PEERSPACE. This website is amazing! You can rent locations by the hour. They have all different rates so don’t think it’s out of your price range. It allows you to escape to another place and really bring to life your vision.



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