5-Step Guide to prepare for your personal branding lifestyle shoot!

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Step 1:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Create a Moodboard

Sometimes it takes a minute to get your thoughts in order. Totally normal! Start by asking yourself why you want to have this photoshoot done. What content do you want to create? What story or message are you going to send with this visual content?

I am a phone call or email away. I can help you brainstorm + effectively organize these visuals into shared albums or boards.

Here is where you gather all your ideas and vision for your personal branding photoshoot.

Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Google are great places for visual inspiration.

Start by searching for other professionals in your industry or similar.

Look for ideas on: poses, lighting, hair + makeup, location, outfits, accessories, location, props.

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TIP: When possible, opt for natural light. Best times of day are early morning and evening when shooting outdoors.

LIFESTYLE photos: Shock The Monster, Arts District LA

Step 2:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Organize Your Topics

You don't have to think about your caption posts or newsletter write up, simply make an outline so you know you are covering the visual needs of your content carryout for the next month or quarter.

This is how you maximize your photoshoot experience. If you prepare ahead of time with the topics you are going to share with your clients, then you can get all the imagery ready to go as you roll them out.

Whether you are a business coach, yoga instructor, wellness guru, private chef, etc. you are a master of your craft, full of wisdom to share with your digital audience.

Write down your daily, weekly, monthly topics that you will be discussing to your clients through your channels, ie: Instagram, Newsletters, Website Pages.

Know your medium. For example, if you plan on using these images for your IG stories, you should request vertical photos as they display better on the screen.

TIP: Let your photographer know if certain photos will have text on them so they can leave adequate space in the composition of the photo.

LIFESTYLE photos: Varley Yoga + Revolve + Katie Elliott

Step 3:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Accessorize + Assemble

You don't have to bend over backwards to put all these pieces together. PS- I love puns and dad jokes, trust me, this will entertain you and make you laugh during your shoot, that's how we get candids galore.

No need to purchase a bunch of items, unless you are specifically going to talk about them. Go through your closet, bring items you really do use to make it more authentic. I am happy to play your stylist too, so send me those selfies and we can confirm outfits before the shoot.

Here is where you take your moodboard + your topic list and assemble them together.

You do that by accessorizing each topic with outfits, props, poses and locations. You can use your home or rent a location via PEERSPACE.

If you are a yoga teacher with yoga poses as your topic, or the best yoga pants, then have an idea or write down the poses you will do on photoshoot day and have samples of the yoga outfits (you can either wear them or we do flat lay shots). Do you drink water when you do yoga? Then bring your favorite water bottle.

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TIP: The more props you have, especially branded ones, the more you can tag when you post the photos and increase your chance of getting reposted by that brand!

Encinitas Personal Branding Session | Psalm Pollock

Step 4:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Book Your Photographer

Don't know what you should be asking your photographer? Some important things to ask is:

- How long are photo sessions?

- How many outfit changes allowed?

- How many final photos you get?

- How long does it take to receive the photos?

-How how much or little do they edit?

Remember, the job of the photographer is to create an environment where you feel completely comfortable being yourself. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your inner confidence burst out of you like a full on metamorphosis of character. Enjoy the rush!

When searching for your photographer, I would definitely recommend at least speaking once on the phone or meeting in person. Personal branding shoots can get, well, personal, and you want to make sure the person creating images with you brings out your PERSONality!

Here is a list of San Diego's top 10 lifestyle photographers.

When you speak with your photographer explain to them your moodboard, how you will use the photos, the lighting and editing that you like, etc. This way you and your photographer can determine if they are the right fit for you or not.

TIP: Use Pinterest or shared album on iPhone to easily share your moodboard with your photographer. Google Docs is great and can be edited by both parties in real time.

San Diego Business Coach Lifestyle Photos

Step 5:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Shoot + Slay

The night before your shoot can feel like the night before the first day of school! You would lay out your clothes, go over your schedule, make sure your books are in your bag. Same logic here. This helps to make sure you are not scrambling for last minute items.

Don't feel like you have to strictly adhere to the shot list. It's meant to give you organization and a PLAN. You or your photographer might and probably will, come up with new ideas on the spot. That's ok, just make sure you are mindful of the clock if you are renting the space.

The night before your shoot, make sure you have all your outfits organized and packed as well as your props.

If you want to go the extra mile, steam your clothes and have a bag or hanger per outfit with respective props.

Using your topic list you can review your shot list with your photographer. You can plan which topics will be shot in which area of the location, wearing which outfit and using which props.

You will be ready to slay the day of your photoshoot! You are prepared and now you get to have fun, be yourself and get creative! Treat yourself to getting your hair, makeup + nail done! :)

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TIP: Have a music playlist you can put on during the shoot. That kind you put on before getting ready to go out :) Get into the groove!

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