Forbes Magazine Headshot + Family Photos | Isabel + Michael

November 3, 2018

Forbes Magazine Headshot + Family Photos | Isabel + Michael

It’s not everyday you get asked to shoot family photos and headshots for a client being interviewed by FORBES magazine! It was such an honor. Isabel Rafferty is CEO of Mobvious. Her article is a must read! Very empowering for female Latinas! Shows that you can be a mom and still have a successful career. It’s all about working hard.¬†FAMILY photos: Isabel Rafferty, Forbes Magazine

FAMILY photos: Isabel Rafferty, Forbes Magazine

The above portrait was the photo used for the article. They have an amazing roof deck with views of San Diego. We also shot photos of her with her kids, because that’s who she is. A successful CEO and mother of 3! Can you believe it?

They are such a loving family! So playful with their kids. Her husband is so proud of her! To her kids, she is super mom! Her grandparents were also there during the shoot! It was pretty cool to have portraits of great-grand parents with their great-grand children!! That’s a photo to be cherished!

Isabel is such a delight to be around. Her smile and laughter is contagious!! She has such a carefree spirit, she doesn’t get tense or stiff. She is so laidback! I am sure her team at work appreciate having a leader like that. Perhaps being a mother helps her as you learn not to worry about the little things.

I could have stayed hours with her in her beautiful home catching up and chatting about life. The ambiance at her home is so relaxing and beautifully designed! I told her next time we should do an in home shoot so we can showcase how beautifully decorated it is! We have her husband to thank for the remodel he has done on the home. He is very successful in real estate and contracting.

FAMILY photos: Isabel Rafferty, Forbes Magazine



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