San Diego Kid’s Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa | Fall 2022 D1

October 5, 2022

San Diego Kid’s Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa | Fall 2022 D1

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I get to shoot for many Southern California fashion brands. The clothing brands range from kids to women’s. Each one has its own identity and personality. Besides seeing the great clothing collections, I love photographing at new locations! I get exposed to all different types of shoot locations, with the majority being outdoors. In this San Diego Kid’s Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa | Fall 2022 D1 we wanted to create the fall vibe! Wild Wawa’s first drop was adorable!

When shooting fall fashion collections, summer weather can still linger. This is something to take note, as you will want to book the sessions in the early morning. Your model or models can overheat with the warm clothes. A good tip is to start with the heaviest outfits first! That means the coats, turtle necks and so forth. Since the day gets warmer, you want to end it with the lightest layer. That is smart planning. SO make sure to organize the outfits that way!

When shooting at an outdoor location, you might want to secure a spot that has an area to change in or bathroom. When photographing children, I would suggest staggering their arrival time. This helps avoid kids and their parents waiting around. When kids wait around, they will get restless. I would have two or three at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

I would keep each child model for no longer than an hour. For changing, you can invest in a pop up changing tent. Always let the models parents know what the situation is to make sure they are comfortable. When kids are waiting around, they will probably eat some snacks. Make sure they have a bib on or are not wearing the clothes they are modeling. They run the risk of getting a stain on it. Always have wipes on hand!


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