Personal Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot| Artist Carolina Arrieta

May 30, 2020

Personal Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot| Artist Carolina Arrieta

Personal branding photo sessions has definitely increased in demand lately as more people, creatives, coaches, are needing to create content for their social media. What we once thought of when we thought of headshots has now progressed into creative headshots. As a San Diego Lifestyle and San Diego Personal Branding photographer, I love meeting new people and learning about their craft or service. In this Personal Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot artist Carolina Arrieta invited me to her home studio to share with me her latest artwork in painting and graphic design.

Before the shoot, Carolina and I discussed her vision for the shoot and objectives. I asked what she would be using this content for so that I could understand the purpose of the photos. This helps me determine the mood I want to create as well as the composition of the photos. I created a helpful GUIDE for you to review so you can prepare for your own personal branding lifestyle shoot.

Carolina spends a lot of time outside paining. Her home has a beautiful view of the ocean, I couldn’t think of a better art studio to work out of. Her artwork resembles her surroundings so we definitely wanted to portray that in the photo session. So we mixed her art among the plants. She was finishing up to big art pieces so she was actually painting as I was shooting. This always helps in getting those candid shots.

It was so cool to see how an artist prepares her easel, her colors, her canvas. I always wish I could draw, but it really is a talent. Carolina is super talented! You should definitely check out Carolina’s work. It’s very fun and vibrant, just like her personality! It will definitely uplift your spirits. She also does custom pieces as well, so you can always reach out to her and request something in particular.



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