Sunset Cliffs Family Photos | J + L

December 20, 2021

Sunset Cliffs Family Photos | J + L

As a San Diego family photographer, there are so many beautiful beaches to choose from for a family portrait session. I normally stick to the La Jolla beaches like Scripps Beach or Windansea, but occasionally I do go down to Sunset Cliffs. The reason I don’t go there that often is because I have to make sure it’s at low tide, in order to have more of the beach exposed. It’s quite a challenging beach to access, so you definitely want to be careful. In these Sunset Cliffs Family Photos | J + L had just moved to the area and wanted to explore their new local beach. They even brought their dog too!

Last year I photographed their family session at Felicita Park. It included extended family, this year it was extended to aunt and niece. It’s nice to include more of the family in the photo sessions. Especially when it’s around the holidays. It’s a fun activity for the family to have! A great excuse to get the family together! A moment that lasts forever.

If your session has a lot of sunlight, there is a little cave area at the bottom of the stairs that is shielded from the light. I like to start here if I am waiting for the light to go down a little bit. Sunset Cliffs is epic and so stunning during blue light hour! This is why I like to shoot here at low tide and sunset. Then you have so much available to you with the ample light that you need.

If you are looking for more sand, then you can head a little south. You can see what that looks like here in this engagement session. We started on the very very south end part, on the cliffs and then made our way down to the beach. It can be a little tricky, so you definitely want to be cautious.



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