Little Point Windansea Maternity Photos | Kelli + George

July 13, 2019

Little Point Windansea Maternity Photos | Kelli + George

Spring and Summer seem to be maternity season! Are you looking to do a San Diego Maternity photo session? I had 2 last week that were baby moon / destination maternity shoots. I think that is such a fun way to celebrate the baby to be! These maternity photos: Little Point, Windansea, La Jolla, were of a childhood friend of mine! So crazy and fun to shoot friends and see them go through their stages of life!

This was shot at Little point, a break along the La Jolla coast line. It’s a great spot that isn’t toooo crowded an you get the rock action, reef action and Spanish moss. The tide was coming up, so we stayed on the rocks and sand mostly. Only when cautious did we get close to the waves, as they can get hectic and I have a pregnant lady here!

This was shoot in the evening, a little before magic hour. Since June was doomed with gloom, I upped all my shoots by an hour to make sure there was enough light. If not, it gets too dark grey, and that’s not the moody mood I am going for.

These two are naturals in the ocean, but it was their first time behind the camera, professionally speaking. They brought that laid back, sun kissed beauty to the camera and became naturals in front of the camera! In fact, they should get modeling agents!

This is definitely going to be a beach baby! The ocean was cheering them on, and we were able to capture a few with a “splash zone”. For the dads to be needing wardrobe tips. Pink is a great color!! A super soft color, goes well with sunset. For the moms to be, I always encourage a maxi dress, the more flow the better 😉



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