Scripps Beach Family Photos | L + J

November 30, 2021

Scripps Beach Family Photos | L + J

As a San Diego family portrait photographer, we are lucky enough to have the beach as one of our year round photoshoot locations. In these Scripps Beach Family Photos | L + J enjoyed all the backdrops it had to offer. Just because you are shooting at the beach doesn’t mean it all has to be blue waters and sand. At Scripps Beach, there are beautiful paths with lots of greenery and trees as well as florals! I always like to ask clients if they want their session to strictly be ocean photos or also add a green portion.

This session was an hour and half so my clients had 2 outfits. They started with a more casual look and then changed into something a little more formal. It’s always fun to have your clients change outfits. It offers them more variety of photos too. Shooting low tide at Scripps Beach is a real treat, especially at sunset. There are so many rocks, boulders and cliffs to see that you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop!

A great and easy way to start your family portrait session is with some posed group photos. Once you snap a few and you clients relax a bit then you can start capturing the candids. Whatever is around you, you can use as a prop or a distraction. If there are trees, pose the parent with child showing them the leaves. The secret of family portraits is to have your family clients interact with their family as if you are not there.

Build rapport with your clients from the very beginning. The great thing about shooting at Scripps Beach is that there is some walking to do, so it makes for a good time to bond with your clients. When they feel comfortable with you, it will show in the photos.



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