Chula Vista Family Photos | Frausto

March 27, 2021

Chula Vista Family Photos | Frausto

As a San Diego family photographer, we have so many options for different backdrops. We have the ocean, the park, the city, the woods, etc! What is even better, is to be able to shoot family portraits in their every own home! It definitely puts the family at ease and they aren’t rushing to get to the session location on time. Last week I shot this Chula Vista Family photos | Frausto, in their beautiful home. The last session we had was at Cuvier Park. San Diego family portraits doesn’t have to be a once a year event, if you are having a special gathering in your home that you want to have professional photographed, reach out to your photographer!

I fell in love with their backyard!! Cypress tress are one of my favorites!! Plus their coloring edits super well! I felt like I was in a mystical garden! There are so many areas I could cover, in addition to the kids swing set! I was very inspired! I felt like I was shooting for HOLA magazine, where I grew up seeing families being photographed in their home.

We got the dog included in some of the shots. He was a little shy, so we went easy on him. I think he could smell my puppy on me. He is adorable nonetheless. I love when families include their pets in the photos, because they are part of your family! If your dog or pet sheds, I would advise on waiting till the very last second to change into your outfits or carry a lint removal roller! This helps in editing as you don’t have to photoshop all the tiny lint pieces.

Whether shooting outdoors or inside someones home, its always a great memory for them! Bring the laughter and the comfort with every shot! Families love to be able to look back at their family photos and reminice on old times. Another cool subtle thing you can mention to your clients is to wear similar colors or have 2 or 3 colors chosen as the theme or palette. This way their is unison without being too matchy matchy. Remember to photograph different family combinations too. Make time for the parents as a couple and not just as parents. Have the kids be kids and run around, helps get those candid shots!



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