Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photo Session | Bianca + Eric

July 22, 2021

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photo Session | Bianca + Eric

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I cannot stress enough the importance of having an engagement photo session! It’s a great way to practice being in front of the camera before your wedding day! Also helps you to bond with your wedding photographer as well. We certainly bonded during this Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photo Session | Bianca + Eric. Even though they arrived late, we were still able to capture some beautiful and romantic moments. I don’t often shoot at Sunset Cliffs, but I am opening up more to the idea every time I shoot there. When it is at low tide of course. That is when you really get to maximize it’s beauty!

Let’s discuss what to do when your clients are running late. First of, I always make the start time 10 min before I really want to shoot to accommodate for a few minutes behind. When they are reallllly late though, panic might start to creep in. The tide is changing, or you are loosing the lights, or whatever your fear may be… don’t show it! You always want to make sure your client is calm, cool and collected. You don’t want to worry them because it will show all over their face during the shoot. They will feel down or like they aren’t getting the best session. You let them know that all is good, that you have plenty of time and go with it. If they feel good that everything is still on track, you will see their relaxed and happy faces in the photos.

As it was a race against time, I really pushed my prime lenses: Canon 85mm prime and Canon 35mm prime. These two lenses have been strapped on me for all my latest sessions. I have stopped using the 70-200mm lens unless I am shooting a wedding and need the distance. This has totally helped my back too as I can carry less. It may seem excessive carrying 2 cameras for sessions, but it keeps me calm knowing I am ready for any shot! Stoked I had them for this session! I am very happy with this beautiful Sunset Cliffs engagement session!



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