Windansea Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

December 15, 2020

Windansea Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s great to give different location options for your clients. However, it’s also fun to shoot at the same spot year after year and see how the kids change while the location stays the same. With these Windansea family photos | Catherine + Danny chose to go to Little Point again down the street from their home. Makes it super easy as we first started shooting at their home and then just walked down to the beach.

When you have a photo session with three kids involved, you definitely want to keep it simple and always carry treats! That is why I loved that we went back to shooting at their home again and walking down to the beach. The kids are familiar with the area, everything is nearby and it’s easy to have an outfit change as Catherine and her daughter had.

If there parents are into it, I always like to do couples photos of them and also individual portraits as I do with the kids. When I do the couples photos I want to take them back in time to when they were just a couple, before the kids. A simpler time 🙂

The kids were definitely hyper and after those treats. I would always suggest to hide the treats until 1/2 way through to make sure they stay focused. It they see the candy early on, then that becomes their focus and they will yell for the candy. If you they need a distraction for the first 1/2 then perhaps try using one of their favorite toys.

The tide was low and it was another beautiful sunset! That magic hour light did not fail us! The kids had so much fun playing they even found a crawfish or a tiny lobster in the water. There were playing in the water and weren’t even cold one bit! It’s amazing to live in San Diego where you can enjoy this weather year round!



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