Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Chantrea + Devon

March 30, 2022

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Chantrea + Devon

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love when I get to switch up locations. My three main locations are San Diego, San Marcos and Santee. There is also a Chula Vista location which I have yet to photograph at. I would say the San Diego has more of the retro feel with water views. The San Marcos has a more foresty feel. The Santee one has an adventure feel with a nearby boulder park! In this Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Chantrea + Devon opted for portraits at the courthouse and nearby boulder park.

Just because it is a courthouse wedding, that does not mean you can’t do some of the same activities you would do in a full wedding. You can totally have a first look at your elopement! Just let your photographer know and they can help you plan and organize it. Always feel open to communicating your wants and needs to your photographer. I can’t promise that they will all be met, but I am sure they will do whatever they can to make them happen.

Want to have a wedding party? Why not! You can certainly still have a wedding party at your elopement! At the courthouse, they may not be able to walk down the aisle with you, but they can certainly be there to watch. They can also be there during the portrait session too! The more the merrier! Very helpful to help with anything you might need that day too!

This session was another morning session at the Santee courthouse. As usual, I asked the client if it was ok to start the session at the boulder park to avoid getting too much light. Their appointment was at 9:30am so we started before that. The earlier the better to avoid getting too bright of light. We thought it was going to be cloudy, but of course not a cloud in the sky! Still a beautiful and gorgeous San Diego elopement!



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