San Diego Courthouse Civil Wedding Photos | E + R

June 7, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Civil Wedding Photos | E + R

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love when pets are included in the guest list! I have had a few couples now that have brought their furry loved ones. It definitely adds cuteness to your special day! The current state of the San Diego County Administrator office is that it is still under construction and remodel. The exact date of when it will be complete is unknown. Don’t let that stop you though, you can still have a beautiful wedding ceremony as you will see in these San Diego Courthouse Civil Wedding Photos | E + R. One thing that I would try to avoid is booking a ceremony date that is under the same weekend of an event going on at Waterfront Park. Then you will be more limited with shooting spots around the park. You can check the schedule HERE.

I have been informed that you can now say your own vows during your civil ceremony. I always thought it wasn’t allowed. But one officiant told me that it is possible. So feel free to ask your officiant when you walk over to your ceremony that you would like to add your own vows too. Do not feel pressured, this is only if you both would like to. If you wish to say your own vows in private, you certainly can do so during your couples portraits when everyone else (but me) is gone. Ceremonies rotate around every 30 minutes or so, so keep that in mind when writing your vows.

If you do plan on bringing your dog to your San Diego courthouse wedding, I would plan on having someone help you with him or her. Usually we have the dog for the ceremony and the beginning of the formal couple portraits. Then the dog goes along with the friends and family to the next activity or they get taken home. Dogs are not allowed inside (unless service dog) so they can wait with someone by the picnic tables outside the south entrance to the San Diego marriage license building.



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