San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Andrea + Jaime

January 13, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Andrea + Jaime

As a San Diego elopement photographer, I am seeing a lot more inquiries for San Diego courthouse weddings in the last two years. With COVID affecting many “big weddings”, many are choosing the alternative and having a civil wedding. As photographers, we know that booking time is shorter than a “normal wedding” as couples can only book within 45 days in advance. In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Andrea + Jaime had a stunning day filled with beautiful light!

One great thing about the San Diego location, is that you have the marina in front of you. I tend to use if mainly when it’s super early appointment or late afternoon. You are very exposed to light. During our walk thru, they mentioned to me that they wanted to go across the street to the marina because they were naming their baby Berkley. I waited to photograph that spot at the end of the session. This way the light was down more. Super cute memory for their baby that they can print and put in his room.

When shooting afternoon courthouses ceremonies, I use the shade on the west facing area and then bring them around on the east side. I use the trees to diffuse the sunlight and create those romantic flares. On cloudy days, everything is available to you. For example, there is a garden area, north of the hut. I use it only when it is overcast, because there is no shade. The more you shoot at the courthouse, the more familiar you get with your photo spots.

One thing I learned in this San Diego civil wedding, is that your witnesses can be any age!!! If you notice in the photos above, I believe the witnesses were around 7 years old. Blew my mind, I thought you had to be 18. So public service announcement, you can be any age to be a witness! You can make one youngster very proud to be your witness!



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