Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos + Balboa Park Wedding | Michelle + Eddie

January 9, 2022

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos + Balboa Park Wedding | Michelle + Eddie

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love the nature appeal of each location. The San Diego location has the marina. The San Marcos location has the forest feel. The Santee location is becoming one of my favorites, because I add a nearby location that is filled with boulders! I am a huge boulder fan! The Santee courthouse itself is beautiful! It has a very simple desert feel, very zen with no clutter. With any of the courthouse weddings, know that you can always add another location, or even 3. In this Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos + Balboa Park Wedding | Michelle + Eddie, had a total of 3 locations.

The elopement started with the civil ceremony at the actual Santee recorder’s clerk office. Michelle and Eddie were interested in doing a first look. I always want my civil courthouse wedding clients to know that they can definitely do a first look before their ceremony time. Many of the traditional wedding activities can still be done. So make sure to let your clients know.

The couple were joined by their close friends and family. The ceremony area has a great amount of shade. I always like to use this space for the friends and family portraits. I wouldn’t expect to have so much time there, so do be efficient with your time. From the shaded area, you can walk around the property. Depending on how much light is exposed you can shoot around the area.

We went off to our second location, the boulder location. It was overcast, but as this was around 10am, I was thankful for the clouds. There would have been so much light and it would have been hot. If you do plan on shooting in a location like this, make sure you check with the bride if they have appropriate footwear. Having backup footwear is always a great idea!

Our third location, Balboa Park, offered plenty of greenery and beautiful architecture. When shooting at multiple locations, make sure to account for transport and parking. Balboa Park can be difficult to find parking, so you want to buffer that into your timeline. To give you an idea, this was a 3 hour session.



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