San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelly + Nick

October 26, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelly + Nick

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love the calmness and simplicity of the day. The bride and groom have minimal nerves. They can focus their energy on the excitement of their union! Couples can keep it private, or they can also invite friends and family to join them. The beauty of a San Diego civil wedding is that you call the shots! There is no strict traditional timeline you have to follow. You make your own timeline! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelly + Nick were joined by their family and we even got to finish the portrait session over at Seaport Village.

If you have been at the San Diego county admin building lately, you will notice that there is some remodeling going on. Don’t let that discourage you or delay your celebration! You can still get beautiful and epic shots at the courthouse. You can also hop over across the street to the marina. You can go down the street to seaport village or you can drive 5 min to Balboa Park. Your photographer will still manage to get enough shots at the courthouse.

Having a San Diego courthouse wedding helps to reduce the stress and nerves that comes with a wedding. If you are looking for something simple yet still meaningful, I would highly recommend considering a civil wedding. Though we refer to it as a “courthouse wedding”, you aren’t actually at the courthouse, but actually at the San Diego County Admin building. With gorgeous views of the marina and waterfront park. You are super close to lots of restaurants, so if you wanted to do an intimate dinner afterwards, you are walking distance!

When scheduling your appointment for the marriage license and ceremony, keep in mind you can only book 45 days in advance. If there is a set date you are aiming for, then I would suggest you set our alarm for midnight, 45 days before the date. You have a high chance of getting it!



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