San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | C + S

August 15, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | C + S

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love being a part of a couple’s special day! I want to make sure they have the best experience and feel all the feels on this magical day! Getting your San Diego marriage license can be a heartfelt experience that you can share with close friends and family! If you want to avoid a stressful, 100+ guest list all day event, then a San Diego civil wedding is your solution! There is so much flexibility in a civil wedding. You call the shots. If you want to have your wedding portraits taken at another location, you can. In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | C + S, we headed to Balboa Park for the formal couple portraits.

You will notice that the ceremony is at a completely different location than usual. It was my first time photographing here. The officiant was very flexible as there was an event going on at Watefront Park. This is usually where the San Diego civil ceremonies take place, by the arbor. I used to be surprised by this, but then I learned (or the city implemented) a list that you can view online regarding dates that impact the west side arbor. This way you can make sure to avoid those dates when booking your wedding civil ceremony. Should you have a date set on that falls on that list, don’t worry. There are solutions as you see here.

If you know ahead of time that your San Diego courthouse ceremony takes place on an affected date, I would do a walk thru with your photographer ahead of time, the week of, to choose your new ceremony place. Keep in mind that it won’t look exactly the same as the day of. There could be more or less people than you saw that day. But knowing you have a back up plan ready will alleviate any stress.



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