San Marcos Courthouse Wedding | Kae + Kevin

November 16, 2020

San Marcos Courthouse Wedding | Kae + Kevin

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I love shooting courthouse weddings, also known as civil weddings at the San Diego County clerk offices. There are several locations. This was my first time photographing a San Marcos Courthouse wedding | Kae + Kevin were so much fun to shoot! They were open to all the location ideas that we had previously visited during my wedding walk thru.

I like to offer my clients a wedding walk thru within two weeks of the wedding date. I schedule the walk thru as the time of the ceremony so we can see how the light is and also how it will be for their portrait session afterwards. I also take this opportunity to show my clients location options for their portraits, and for the friends + family portraits. This way we don’t worry about where to shoot and focus on being creative and having fun!

During the ceremony, they did ask the bride and groom to keep their masks on. This is something that I hadn’t experienced in the San Diego clerks office. They had to wear masks during check in and signing, but at the actual time of the ceremony they could remove their masks. This might be because they are at the marriage hut where there is a glass window between them and the couple. Here, in San Marcos, we actually were outside, so perhaps that is why they took the extra precaution. Masks were allowed to be removed during the kiss. 🙂

I love shooting at new places as it sparks my creativity to find the best shots! It’s all about finding your nooks! You need to train your eye to find a frame in the smallest places. It’s a great challenge, especially if you have never been to the location. That is why I always suggest you scout beforehand. Of course even with a scouting, on the day of the shoot you will aways discover something new too. So it’s good to have some prepared areas in mind, but also be open to new ideas.



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