San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Arte By Caro Murals

January 3, 2022

San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Arte By Caro Murals

As a San Diego Personal Branding photographer, I love being able to meet all these incredibly talented artists! It’s so fun to see their latest projects and how they grow as an artist. Whether your art is cooking or painting, it’s always a great idea to capture your passion with a high quality photo session. In this San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Arte By Caro Murals are massive!!! I love seeing how her artwork continues to grow and expand, literally! Some of these walls are huge!

In order for personal branding shoots to be successful, you need to prepare for them and so does your client. I always like to ask my clients what the objective and purpose of the session is for. Are they going to use the photos for social media? Website? Newsletters? What will the images be used for? This way you can ask if they prefer horizontal vs vertical. Do they need space in the photo to add text?

If the content is going to be used for social media posts, I like to ask my client if they have a list of topics that they are going to be discussing in their post. This helps the photo match the post. It works like a shot checklist too. Furthermore, it allows for your client to organize any outfits or props that go with the topics. This is all important to have prepared before the shoot. On the day of the shoot, you want to be creative knowing which outfit goes with which props and for which topic. You can concentrate on being creative and not on what’s next to shoot.

In this session, we shot on location where the murals are painted. In other sessions, you might need to come up with a location if the clients home cannot be used. Peerspace is a great resource to find an array of locations that might suit your clients needs. It’s also a good idea to check out the site to simply know what is out there. In case your client is depending on you for location suggestions.


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