Dirty Dogs Solana Beach Art Mural |Gabriela Benatar + Carolina Arrieta

June 20, 2020

Dirty Dogs Solana Beach Art Mural |Gabriela Benatar + Carolina Arrieta

As a San Diego photographer, I am a huge fan of art murals because they add a colorful and diverse backdrop to my photoshoots! You can find them all over San Diego, I actually used one by Kelsey Montague during a San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photoshoot. Last week though, I had the good fortune of photographing a San Diego art mural come to life!!! My good friend and artist Carolina Arrieta and muralist veteran Gabriela Benatar decided to give Dirty Dogs in Solana Beach a little facelift, or shall I say a HUGE facelift on the side of their building!

Definitely fun to capture this process as a San Diego lifestyle photographer! I loved learning about the entire process!! How they thought of the drawing, how they sketched and measured everything out, how they outlined everything, the supplies they need, the machinery they need! It was quite challenging and you definitely appreciate it more when you see the hard labor they put into it!

It took these ladies a little under a week to complete this masterpiece! It was a giant wall! There is a lot of detail that needed to be drawn and sketched. This was the first mural for Carolina. It was great that she was able to work with Gaby and learn tips from her. Gaby was telling us a bunch of stories of past murals she has done. Her work is spectacular!!

Art murals have definitely been on the rise in the last decade. Wynwood in Miami, especially during Art Basel, is full of artists and muralists! Gaby was living in Miami, she is originally from Venezuela, an has recently moved to San Diego. Together with Carolina they definitely want to take over San Diego with their beautiful and colorful art! Carolina is originally from Peru but is now a local in North County.

Art murals don’t just have to be painted on large walls, you can have them done in your room, in your bedroom or bathroom, restaurants can have a decorative wall inside or in their patio. It’s a great way to attract eyes and people will most likely want to take a photo in front of them and thus bring lots of awareness to your business! I am going to have these ladies paint a mural on my patio wall!

If you have a business, I would definitely reach out to these ladies and have them decorate one of your walls! I would love to shoot more San Diego artists and do a personal branding lifestyle shoot long with them creating their artwork.

This was not he last day when they put their signature on it!



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