Balboa Park Family Photos | Maggie + Jordan

November 26, 2021

Balboa Park Family Photos | Maggie + Jordan

As a San Diego family photographer, I never tire of photographing at Balboa Park! I still haven’t even walked the entire grounds! There is so much to cover! In this Balboa Park Family Photos | Maggie + Jordan brought their two kids and we took off exploring the trees and garden areas. Normally with a family shoot with young kids we do the shoots in the morning, but this was a sunset session and the kiddos were great!

Whenever starting a family session, I like to knock out the posed group family shots first. That’s when the kiddos are most attentive and in a chipper mood so I want to make sure those smiles are seen. Then as the session continues, we evolve into more candid shots. This way you can distract the children and have them naturally interact with the surroundings Those always end up being the best shots too!

When shooting a family portrait session, always remember to ask your clients what they want the most of. Sometimes they may just want to focus on their children and only get a coupe of snaps of the entire family together. So it’s always a good idea to ask what the objective of the shoot is.

When shooting at Balboa Park, I would suggest to try to schedule during the week. Balboa Park is a very popular place and so there can be a lot of people. The park is huge though, so don’t feel like you can’t get areas that aren’t secluded. I have my tour that I walk through consistently. I do tweak it if a client has a particular spot they have their eye on. I like to offer a variety of backdrops when shooting at Balboa Park. The longer the session the easier it is to add more locations.


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