San Diego Couples Photos | Justine + Corey

March 27, 2022

San Diego Couples Photos | Justine + Corey

As a San Diego couples photographer, there are so many types of locations I am able to offer my clients. You can do a beach backdrop, desert backdrop, greenery, and more! In this San Diego Couples Photos | Justine + Corey opted for an early morning meadow backdrop. This location is at the Los Peñasquitos Ranch House. This place stays pretty consistent throughout the year as far as terrain goes except for greener meadows in the winter/spring and beautiful bright changing leaves in the fall. You can always count on the beautiful willow trees to be there year round.

These two lovebirds are early risers so we began at 8am to avoid the brightness of the sun. Whenever I photograph here in the mornings, I always like to start with the open field first as that is what is most exposed to sunlight. Everywhere else, I can pretty much utilize the shade from the trees. When I photograph at sunset, I wait till the end and almost until blue hour.

There are a lot of areas to cover around this location. Do familiarize yourself. Every time I go, I amplify locations to use. A lot of it depends on the time of the day and the weather too of course. I like to offer multiple and diverse backdrops so moving around is important.

Not only that, but also moving around in the position you are to get an array of angles. Learn to get comfortable with taking a second with your subjects/clients and really taking a look through the camera. See all the angles and positions you get attain. It can be surprising what a tilt or a change of angle can capture. Don’t feel rushed to take the photo. Be confident and comfortable to take a second and create your ideas. I also remind myself of this!



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