Glamis Sand Dunes Family Photos | Ramos

March 30, 2021

Glamis Sand Dunes Family Photos | Ramos

The Glamis Sand Dunes are one of Southern California’s desert treasures! As a San Diego photographer, I love having it as an option for photoshoots. I have done many fashion lifestyle shoots, but this was the first Glamis Sand Dunes Family Photos | Ramos family shoot! They were driving from Arizona and came dressed to the nines! I was very excited to meet their little one as I had also done their maternity shoot too!

When shooting at the Glamis Sand Dunes I would highly recommend shooting on a weekday. We shot this on a weekend and I was concerned that there would be other shoots happening. I didn’t even consider however, the thought of an ATV event going on because they usually practice further down the dunes, or so I thought. So I would check dates on any events so that you don’t have to worry about them zipping by you!

Another thing to be mindful of when shooting at the Dunes is the weather! You should always check ahead and specifically look for the wind speeds!! It was sooooo windy!! In some ways it worked in our favor as it made the dress more dramatic, but it was not fun for their eyeballs. There is not much you can do, so you have to just play it off and take breaks.

To get those bright blue skies, your subjects have to be facing the sun. There are tricks you can do to avoid blinding them. You can have them stand a little at an angle or at least have their heads turned a bit or just their eyes so they are not directly looking at the sun. When you have the sun behind them is where you will get that washed out background. So definitely work all the angles. You can even have one of them help create shade a bit by turning them inward towards the other person. Have fun with it, and don’t be scared to tell them something isn’t working and they need to switch positions.



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