Glamis Sand Dunes Desert Fashion Photos |Verina

January 5, 2021

Glamis Sand Dunes Desert Fashion Photos |Verina

I love incorporating travel and fashion into my photoshoot. As a San Diego portrait photographer, I am to do that with short distance road trips! Here I shot Glamis Sand Dunes Desert Fashion Photos | Verina on a very hot summer day! This was the last portion of our shoot, sunset and blue light! As I push my Canon lens more and more, I am loving shooting during blue light hour without having to use my flash!

Verina had mentioned how she wanted to wear this one pink dress she had. I knew it would be perfect for the blue light as the sky would turn the same pastel colors! There were so many people that had come through by this point that the sand wasn’t as sleek as I would have wanted it to be, but we made do.

I had brought a disco ball that I purchased on Amazon, cause why not!! I had a whole theme of disco in the dunes! I too dressed up for this shoot and Verina took some shots of me as well. I just hadn’t seen any disco balls in the desert and I thought it would make for some great content!

The dress just flowed effortlessly on Verina! The wind would pick up from time to time, so you had to be aware to cover your face and have something to do that with. She could not have picked a better outfit to finish the session. She was total desert drifting!

I definitely want to go again real soon. I would love to shoot it with winter light as I did last year on this styled elopement. The light was absolutely magical!! In this shoot, we actually went further into Glamis to the opposite side. It was definitely a trek, but had a lovely backdrop of mountain scape. I definitely prefer this side though.



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