Los Peñasquitos Canyon Family Photos | Allison + Shane

December 24, 2020

Los Peñasquitos Canyon Family Photos | Allison + Shane

As a San Diego Family photographer, I love it when my families come back year after year for another family portrait! You get to see how their family grows in age and in size! The last time I shot Allison and Shane we were welcoming two week old baby Ryder! Today, in this Los Peñasquitos Canyon Family Photos | Allison + Shane, Ryder was walking around the park! Time sure does fly!

In a family shoot that involves young toddlers or babies, it is usually in your best interest to schedule around their nap time. A rested baby is a happy baby! Usually when that happens they end up being morning shoots. When shooting in a park area with lots of trees it’s not a problem. You have plenty of shade to use and you can always start with the most exposed area first. That way as the morning progresses you avoid that bright light in the completely exposed areas.

I know everyone always talks about that magic hour light, but it’s ok to also have morning shoots as well. You do get a more airy and bright feel, but if you were to start right at sunrise, you can still get moody light. At the end of the day, I feel it’s most important to work with the kids schedule to make sure they are in good moods and smiling for the camera 🙂

The kids were so well behaved but they are always so well behaved! I always ask parents of such well mannered kids what they do, what their secrets are! I feel like I have learned so much about parenting simply by being a San Diego family portrait photographer. One quick tip, snacks and treats are always a hit!



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