La Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Shannon + Gordon

December 31, 2021

La Jolla BeLa Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Shannon + Gordon

As a La Jolla couples photographer, I love how couples want to capture their love without having to have a big party excuse. Couples should know that they don’t have to be getting married or engaged to have their photo taken together professionally. Over this past year I have had a lot more couples shoots. I attribute that to people traveling again and wanting to capture the moment without a cell phone. I am here for it! San Diego has so many beautiful locations. In this La Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Shannon + Gordon are locals wanting a fun couples shoot at the beach. I love that because you also don’t need the excuse of traveling either.

The weather was romance ready! The sky was blue, the tide low, some textured skies and bright and shiny sun! I love this spot in La Jolla because you get both the rocky cliff feel and you also get to put your toes in the sand! It’s kind of hidden so on a weekday it’s pretty empty except for a couple of locals who come to watch the sunset. I love shooting at this location!

When shooting couples, make sure to offer guidance during the session. Unless they are professional models, they are not used to being in front of the camera. Hearing your direction during the shoot will help them remain at ease and comfortable with themself and one another. I always like to start the session with a warm up of posed positions until they get in the groove and relax. Then it’s all about the candids.

I have tended to stick to my CANON 85mm prime lens during portrait sessions. My 70-200mm would have been useful for some of these cliffs, but it’s so heavy. I am able to get away with the prime lens. Know before you go. Know ahead of time what the landscape is for you as the photographer and what angles and space you have beforehand.



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