La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | C + A

April 3, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | C + A

As a San Diego family photographer, I get a lot of requests to photograph at the beach. There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from in San Diego. There is Coronado Beach, Sunset Cliffs, the beaches and reefs along the La Jolla coast, Scripps Beach, Cardiff and much more! When photographing locals, I like to ask them which beach resonates the most with them. For out of towners, I suggest some near where they are staying and all around. All the beaches have their own beauty and charm! In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | C + A included the grandparents in this lovely family session!

The grandparents were celebrating 50 years of marriage!! WOW!! What a beautiful accomplishment to celebrate! They brought balloons in the number 50 for their photo. Unfortunately, the balloons did not survive long, so we quickly took the shots and then put them back in the car. They were already starting to deflate, sadly.

There was a mix of weather conditions during this session. We went from light drizzle, to overcast to sunlight breaking through back to clouds. Luckily, knowing that the weather was going to be a little gray, I started the session earlier than usual. Whenever there is overcast clouds, I always like to start earlier than usual for sunset sessions, because then the lighting gets too dark. If you start earlier the light illuminates the clouds better.

Whenever you get a sunlight that breaks through, when dealing with cloudy weather, you need to act fast. Stop whatever you are doing and position your clients in front of the sun so you can try to get some sun flare out of the shot. Depending on the types of clouds, you might not get any, but it’s worth a shot. You might not get this opportunity again!



Beautiful pictures ❤️


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