Balboa Park Couples Portraits | Joyce + Jeff

October 2, 2020

Balboa Park Couples Portraits | Joyce + Jeff

You don’t have to be getting married or engaged to have your portraits taken with your partner! I love when couples want to take photos just because! You deserve it! In these Balboa Park Couples Portraits | Joyce + Jeff were huge fans of this one gigantic and beautiful tree that was towards the back of the park. Balboa Park is huge so I love learning new spots to shoot at!

These two were visiting from Arizona to celebrate Jeff’s birthday! When traveling, you always have the great excuse to want to get couples portraits taken. Balboa Park is one of their favorite places in San Diego so they decided to get it shot here.

Balboa Park is quickly becoming one of my favorite San Diego photo locations to shoot at! There are so many different backdrops to choose from and depending on the time you go, there is a churro cart down the main pathway! I had a client meeting the other day and grabbed one on my way out! YUM!

I would totally suggest scheduling your shoots on a weekday at Balboa Park, because it does get very busy. Especially in the summertime there are a lot of tourists, even with COVID-19 happening. But as long as you find your lil nook, you should be ok. I always suggest scouting a new area or even a repeat area in case things have changed or plants that you thought were there are no longer there. You don’t want to have any surprises on shoot day.

Also, it’s good to scout in case areas are under construction. There was this one hallway/ pathway I wanted to shoot a tunnel shot that has them standing on a bench at the end but it was closed for remodel. When scouting I always pick more spots than I know I will have time for in case something like that happens. I am also not a stickler to the plan and if I see something that is new or for some reason looks spectacular that day then I am open to shooting on the spot there too. Main point being, be prepared but also be prepared to be spontaneous.



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