San Diego Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2

April 21, 2023

San Diego Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I interact with many different type of commercial clients. For lifestyle, I photograph a lot of personal branding sessions and fashion lookbooks. A personal branding photoshoot is where you create content, YOU are the content, to share with your followers of a service you provide. You can post this content on your social media, newsletters or website. You are the brand. The other kind of brand, is when it’s not you solely, but a product, like clothing. You personify the brand by creating content that shares the DNA of what it stands for. In this San Diego Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2 we took advantage of the rainy spring and had quite the blossoming session! Wild Wawa is all about kids running free and we had them doing that in the flower fields!

We usually do our lookbook shoots in the morning. Usually works better for nap schedules. It was overcast this morning, but I looked at it in a positive light 😉 Since we didn’t have to worry about direct light hitting or using the scrim, we had the entire place at our disposal to use. I knew the sun would eventually break through, so I planned my shots around that. I started with the locations most exposed, like the flower fields. This couldn’t be more fitting for the season, so I made sure to get her all the blooming photos I could!

Sometimes you’ll shoot consistently in one location. To avoid making it feel routine, change up the times you shoot there. Add different props. Try new angles. What I have found super helpful is to always be moving around! If you are not moving, you are missing out on different composition opportunities. I mean going left to right, up and down, tilting up and down. There are so m any viewpoints! Start exploring!


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