Lifestyle Lookbook: Tarin Sirena Jewelry Fall Winter 2018

November 5, 2018

Lifestyle Lookbook: Tarin Sirena Jewelry Fall Winter 2018

Fashion photos are my fave, especially when shooting for a client with amazing jewelry! Today I share with you commercial photos: Tarin Sirena Jewelry! We were an amazing team! With our fashion muse Verina, we were able to provide different fashion looks and styles with her different jewelry pieces. This one I call Fringe Forte (Sirena).

COMMERCIAL photos: Tarin Sirena Jewelry

Taken from her siteTarina Sirena Jewelry was created by Tarin Still in 2016. She is a 200+ RYT, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Clinical Herbalist.  She infuses love and magic into all of her work and creates intentional jewelry designed to empower, bring balance, and inspiration to the wearer. Her jewelry is hand crafted and each crystal is hand selected, cleansed in mama ocean, charged by the light of the moon, and infused with Reiki to bring physical and emotional balance and align all Chakras. She believes is spreading love, magic, and sisterhood. 

Our original plan was to shoot this at the beach, clearly we changed our minds. We were on our way to the beach but on the way there I mentioned this hidden spot in La Jolla by the caves and said let’s do a quick pitstop and check it out. As we entered we felt this was perfect for the Fall/ Winter collection.  

The light was perfect, but we did have to move fast as the sun was lowering behind the hill. Thankfully, we had the designer herself, Tarin Still, also be the stylist and so we could quickly change outfits and jewelry pieces. What a trio we made! It all went smoothly and we were giddy with the shots!

This is one of my favorite shoots to date. Verina always brings her A game and is able to create so many different faces and movements. And boy does she wear lipstick well!! I love when she gets moody and we always have a great time shooting with each other. Check back for more from this shoot!

COMMERCIAL photos: Tarin Sirena Jewelry


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