San Diego Personal Branding Photoshoot | Keith

August 2, 2020

San Diego Personal Branding Photoshoot | Keith

With COVID affecting many businesses, many people have had to pivot and take their business online. Many have already been implementing online meetings and courses. With such a strong online presence, personal branding photoshoot are on the rise. As a San Diego photographer, I love shooting personal branding sessions as San Diego has such a diverse offering of backdrops. For this San Diego Personal Branding Photoshoot | Keith, I suggested Little Italy!

Keith reached out wanting to book a lifestyle shoot for his coaching website that was still in development mode. He is part of the merging path coaches. If you already have a website, getting new photos taken is always a great way to refresh your page. In addition, these photos can be used for your social media pages like Instagram.

I always love to have a brainstorming call with my personal branding clients as I like to organize and prepare before the shoot. In the call we discuss location ideas, wardrobe ideas, props and also the purpose for your content creation. Will you be discussing certain topics throughout the year and you need photos the reflect this? This also helps you prepare and organize your marketing material and items you will be sharing with your clients. The goal is to align your topics with the visuals we are creating.

I have developed a 5 step guide on how to prepare for your personal branding photoshoot. I usually suggest morning or evening times for your personal branding shoot for the best lighting. Keith’s shoot was in the morning, 8 am start time. It’s summertime, so the sun shines bright and early. Also, since we shot in Little Italy there were less people in the streets.

Little Italy had the best mix of urban backdrops consisting of cement and brick walls with plant life and trees. Everything is nearby and walking distance. Another important topic to keep in mind for what your photos will be used for, is whether you will be adding text to the photos or not, so you can let your photographer know so they can compose the shot accordingly and leave room for text.



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