Kate Sessions Family Photos | Colleen + Colin

January 15, 2022

Kate Sessions Family Photos | Colleen + Colin

As a San Diego family photographer, we are lucky enough to have a superfluous amount of locations to photograph at. From parks, to beaches, all the options are beautiful! I would love to go through the entire list of San Diego parks one day and scout each and everyone of them! In this Kate Sessions Family Photos | Colleen + Colin took me to one of the parks I played at when I was super little. I still go there now too. The views are spectacular! That was definitely one of the must haves that they wanted in their photos. It was the tail end of fall, so we were able to get some of the fall foliage!

I have been photographing the Smith’s family photos for a couple years now! It’s so rad to be able to see families year after year and how they are growing! This is the privilege we have as family photographers. To be trusted to capture the growth of a family! We get to photograph all the emotions of a growing child, the addition of another. See how siblings meet each other and grow with one another! It is a very satisfying and feel good profession!

It is extra special, at the end of the year, when you receive a holiday card from your clients with the photos you took from their session! They are so proud of their family and are able to share that with their friends and family! I line up all the cards on my counter and it’s a great feeling!

Kate Session can be a pretty busy park, especially at sunset! There are pockets around the park where you can hide from the crowd. Also, finding nooks and using different angles will aid in keeping people out of the shot. Always a fun way to enrich your creativity! This was an early afternoon session.


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