Holiday Family Photos | Colleen + Colin

December 17, 2020

Holiday Family Photos | Colleen + Colin

Nothing spreads holiday cheer more than cookie baking and dressing up in holiday pjs for your holiday family portraits! I wouldn’t expect less from these two as they own The Cravory cookie in San Diego! It was such a treat to shoot their Holiday Family Photos | Colleen + Colin (see what I did there). Usually we pick an outdoor location but this year they just bought a house and wanted to have their first family shoot in it! So exciting!!

Another blessing for them is that they are expecting another child!!! Rory is going to be a big sister!! So many changes happening to them!! Beautiful new home, new baby and Rory is growing up! In past shoots, we have gone to the beach or park. Rory would be a little shy. But in this shoot, Rory was all smiles! She had so much personality!! It was super fun to capture! Perhaps the cookies helped 😉

Rory made the perfect model for the Cravory! She was super helpful with the preparations and was all smiles when it was time to pose with the cookies. As long as she could choose which cookie she was going to hold, everything was good to go! We made a cute set up in the kitchen for the bake off!

We even had their dog join us for some of the photos as well! I love when pets get included in the photos because they are definitely part of the family! Even in weddings, I love when they are brought in for a few portrait shots! Definitely memorable!

I have been really pushing my 35 mm f/ 1.4 prime canon lens and was able to shoot this all without flash! As long as you can find a good source of natural light and / or position the camera so you don’t shake (either with a tripod or just don’t breathe) then you are able to get photos taken without flash.



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