Glamis Sand Dunes Portrait Photos | Mads

April 9, 2021

Glamis Sand Dunes Portrait Photos | Mads

As a San Diego portrait photographer, I love having such exotic places just a short drive away! I took a previous muse of mine for a quick session at the Glamis Sand Dunes. I had a family session there and she offered to help me watch my puppy so I did a quick mini session for her as a thank you :). For this Glamis Sand Dunes Portrait Photos | Mads we were expecting a good amount of people since it was a Saturday, but we were not expecting it to be covered with ATVs!!! There must have been some kind of contest or something going on! On top of that, it was super windy!! Not fun for either subjects!

What should you suggest to your clients they wear to their Dunes portrait session? RED!!! I cannot stress enough how good red looks out there! Just take a look at the shoot I did with Verina! With the blue sky background and the cream colored sand, the color red just pops!! Once it becomes magic hour, burgundy and pink look good too! Madeline didn’t have too much red, so I suggested she borrow my red/orange Maybelline stain lip color! If you want wear it as clothes, wear is as makeup!

When shooting at the Dunes, you have to mindful of the light. We shot this before the magic hour light, so it was definitely bright! In order to get the blue skies, your subject has to stand facing the sunlight! Not the most comfortable thing to do. Try to guide their eyes a little off to the side so they don’t have to face the sun directly! If you place your subject in front of the sun, then your background will be blown out and it will look all white cause of the sun! So play around with your subject and have patience 🙂


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