Swami’s Beach Women’s Lifestyle Portrait Session |Madeline

June 29, 2020

Swami’s Beach Women’s Lifestyle Portrait Session |Madeline

With the last phase of Covid-19 allowing for hair and nail salons to re-open back up in San Diego, portrait photography sessions are finally getting scheduled. In this San Diego lifestyle portrait session, we went to Swami’s Beach in Solana Beach. As a San Diego portrait photographer it’s nice to be able to bounce around all the different and beautiful beaches of San Diego! Plus this one was the closest to her hair salon 🙂

Madeline and I had discussed outfits before the shoot, as I always enjoy doing with my clients. We took it a step further and even created a personality for each one. We thought Beyonce for the green flowy Free People dress and J-LO for the Volcom Jumper and hoops. By personifying these outfits, it helps the subject channel that energy in the shoot. If you are ever nervous about getting your photo taken, it’s always a fun trick to “become” someone else. I always feel like I am able to find some kind of alter-ego in everyone that helps channel their confidence and feeling of comfort and power doing their shoot.

We were going to do another look with swim and her surfboard but it was overcast that day with minor sunshine coming through, so we decided to do that look for another shoot with the water is warmer. We still had a great time with these two looks! Madeline’s hair had multiple looks throughout the shoot. She looked stunning! The surfers coming in and out of the water couldn’t help but comment to her how beautiful she looked!

I love how I was able to capture so many different expressions of Madeline. She even said so herself that some of the photos capture her personality exactly! So even though we are creating these alter-ego’s that doesn’t mean it’s not you. It’s the character you imagine and create but it’s still you being that person. Since you feel like you are playing this role, you shed the nerves because in your mind it’s no longer you, it’s you playing this role.

There is no time like the present to get those beauty enhancing appointments (cause you are already beautiful 🙂 ) and come up for air into nature, beach or forest, and schedule your San Diego outdoor lifestyle portrait session with me! 🙂



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