La Jolla Family Photos | B + K

February 19, 2021

La Jolla Family Photos | B + K

As a La Jolla family photographer, it’s a nice mix up when families decide to have their family portraits taken in their home. It’s fun for me, as a San Diego photographer, to quickly figure out the best areas in the home that will offer the prettiest light. Before the scheduled shoot though, I always like to ask which way their windows face so I can at least determine if the shoot should be in the morning or evening. With these La Jolla Family Photos | B + K, their windows faced west.

This La Jolla family portrait session was extra fun as we had 2 families together. The females are cousins so it was an extended family shoot! I am seeing more and more people do extended family shoots, which always makes for a great time! It’s a great excuse to get the family together too!

Being in the comfort of your home, it’s easy to do a quick outfit change. Easy of course if the outfit is already picked out. I always encourage multiple outfit changes because it mixes up the shoot and gives you a quick reboot. Plus I feel outfits bring out different sides of you. So I would definitely suggest a variety of outfits. Best to do this before the shoot date.

When shooting in someone’s home that you have not visited before, I would highly suggest arriving 15-20 minutes before your session to quickly scout the area. This way when the session begins you already have the different locations in mind for your shoot. For a successful shoot, you want an effortless flow. Thus better to have some locations already planned rather than trying to figure it out during the session and disrupting the pace and flow.



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