Glamis Sand Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina

December 21, 2020

Glamis Sand Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina

As a San Diego photographer, it’s fun to go out and shoot well, for fun! I asked my muse, Verina, if she would be willing to go out to the dunes with me for personal project shoot. She agreed and mentioned she had some outfits in mind. I loved the looks and we went out to the hot desert! Hot might be an understatement though! Just by standing outside we would get red for the heat! I think it was like 114*! Anything for the shot though for these Glamis San Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina. 🙂

Verina had thrifted these red pants and top. I knew they would be a hit with the white sand and the blue sky! In order to get that rich blue sky I needed her to face the sun or have the sun to the right of her. If I had the sun behind her, then I would get a more whited out sky like in the other photos. When you your subject facing the sun, you want to make sure they are looking completely at it to avoid shadows. Unless you want shadows for an artistic reason 🙂

We added accessories, because of course, so I had Verina use my big rimmed fedora hat by Brixton. I love using this hat for photoshoots. It’s almost in all of my personal project photoshoots. Even in my headshot photo on my about page! It’s great when it’s bright out cause it provides lots of shade. Just be mindful when shooting people in hats when it gets dark out. Perhaps have them tip their hat up a bit to let the light shine on their face.

Verina did an amazing job!! It was so hot while we were shooting but it’s like we both escaped the heat when the camera was in session. I was sitting on the hot sand and didn’t realize I was burning myself until afterwards! I love how I can completely give my undivided attention while shooting! It truly is my passion and I won’t stop till I get that shot! Verina has the same mentality! She kept kicking up her leg to get that sand in the air like a pro!



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