Scripps Beach + Woods Family Photos | Stacey + James

November 6, 2019

Scripps Beach + Woods Family Photos | Stacey + James

Fall family portraits are in full swing! It’s such a fun time to shoot San Diego family photos as you can always shoot at the beach whereas other parts of the country are seeing snow! For this family portrait photo session, the client wanted both beach and forest feel. So what better combo place for family photos: Scripps Beach + Woods. I had suggested two outfits for each location. Gives it a nice change for the photo. We started with the beach since it was a morning shoot and I din’t want to be too exposed with the light.

Usually there is a line sometimes to shoot under the pier, but given it was a morning shoot we had it all to ourselves. You have to be careful with the sunlight so I put them in the shaded part for the portraits. They were brave and put their feet in the water during the early morning session.

At the beginning of a session, I always try to do the posed family photo while everything is new to the kids. Once they get bored it’s every person for themself. So I think it’s helpful to knock that photo out of the way because from here on out it can be all fun candids and playtime! That’s when you get a lot of the fun photos too!

While the kids are playing I like to take a couple portraits of just the parents and remind them of the time it was just the two of them. Almost always I get laughter and smiles. Raising toddlers takes a lot of energy! So I like to have them take a second to go down memory lane. Literally a second because the kids run all around. LOL!

Then we headed up the street to the wooded area. It’s literally like a 3 min drive. We are so lucky to have such diverse backgrounds in such close proximity!



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