San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Noah Fritz

March 28, 2023

San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Noah Fritz

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love photographing personal branding sessions. What is a personal branding session? A personal branding session is where you create content to use for your services. Whether you are a coach, trainer, agent, you use photos (and video) to communicate with your audience visually. The digital assets (photos) are used on your website, newsletter, social media, etc. It’s called personal branding, because you, the person, are the brand. By creating this content, unique to you and what you do, you can elevate your message. In this San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Noah Fritz opted for Scripps Beach as his location to better explain his message of mixing nature into your corporate life.

How do you prepare for a personal branding session? I have created a guide on how to prepare for your San Diego personal branding session. The actual shoot day is just as important as the prep work leading up to the session. If you are not prepared, you will not use your time wisely and efficiently on shoot day. You want to be as prepared as possible, while still allowing for impromptu ideas the day of. Before the actual shoot day you want to have a creative call, even two, to review the purpose of the shoot and goals of the shoot. Your photographer will probably ask you what topics are in your marketing plan strategy for the upcoming months. This is to make sure you create content that aligns with what info you will be sharing. The goal is to align your topics visually with the content you are creating.

Other items to include in the prep discussion is props and wardrobe! If your website has branded colors or your logo, then I would stick to those colors. It’s a nice cohesive way to stay on your brand theme. Make sure they also work with the backdrops you will be photographed at too. If they clash, then come up with similar colors that work better. Props are extremely helpful as well! Especially if you are camera shy. They help give you things to do that make your session have that lifestyle feel.



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