Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Jocelyn + Ervin

July 28, 2019

Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Jocelyn + Ervin

San Diego is a great destination for your baby moon! It is a great opportunity to relax before your little one comes and a great location for your San Diego Maternity Photos! You have so many backdrops to choose from, whether it’s the beach, the forest or the city! These maternity photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CA were shot near the Scripps Pier and the nearby rocks. This helps to give such a diverse backdrop for your maternity photo session.

It was a gloomy evening, but we still made it work! One thing to remember when you know you are going to shoot in gloomy weather is to make sure you start earlier. Usually you start 1-2 hours before sunset for that magic hour light (depending on how long your shoot is scheduled for). When you are shooting in gloomy weather I would shoot 3 hours before to make sure it’s a light, white gray rather than a dark gray.

Weekdays are of course better to shoot when it’s the summer season. Especially at Scripps Beach since everyone is enjoying their vacation, so if you can try to book during the week. Be mindful of the queue for the shots in the pier and don’t just think to leave it for the end or the beginning, sometimes you have to incorporate it into the middle.

I loved the baby blue color of the maxi dress. It actually was a perfect color for this gloomy beach day as it makes her pop in the photos. Normally I would discourage it a little bit, because then your client is competing with the ocean and the sky, but here it was a perfect match! Also a fun way to hint if you are having a baby boy or girl 🙂



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