Carlsbad Flower Fields Family Photos

August 30, 2018

Carlsbad Flower Fields Family Photos

We are a bit aways from the Carlsbad Flower Fields season, but we are around the corner from holiday season which means FAMILY photos! So I can’t promise you San Diego holiday family photos: Carlsbad Flower Fields, but I can promise you family photos at other amazing locations in San Diego and Southern California. However, here are the photos from the family session for you to enjoy and get excited for, for next year 😉

The flower fields close at 5pm, which is before the magic hour. Due to scheduling we had to shoot this in the morning. Ideally I would have wanted to do this very early, but the fields didn’t open till 9am and we couldn’t start till 9:45 so the light was harsh! But we made it work!

This shoot was done while the baby was perhaps only a month old! I had just shot her maternity photos 2 weeks prior to her giving birth, so you could imagine my surprise at how you go from seeing someone fully pregnant and then with child. She looked amazing both shoots!

It was so cute to see how much love and adoration the dad had for his son. Always cradling him and protecting him. It’s their first child, so the new mom and dad experience is special! After getting shots in the fields, we decided to move over to the gazebo area, partly because I kept getting yelled at to stay behind the tape in the fields. I couldn’t help it, I was trying to get the right angle so that all you could see were the flowers! 😉

I had no complaints at the gazebo though! I knew the best lighting would be there! So I figured I leave that last, so that we can beat the sun out in the fields. I wish the flower fields would stay open longer in the day, but we do what we can. Still a fun place to visit and see all the different colors and flowers!

FAMILY photos: Carlsbad Flower Fields


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