San Diego Fall Family Photos | Von + Cary

December 19, 2020

San Diego Fall Family Photos | Von + Cary

As a San Diego family photographer I can’t get enough of fall foliage. After all that is the entire purpose of the fall family portraits is to get that fall vibe! It can be challenging to find fall foliage in San Diego, but in Olivenhain we were able to completely capture the essence of fall foliage in these San Diego fall family photos | Von + Cary.

Many things were celebrated during this family photoshoot. Newborn baby boy and new home. Due to Covid, the family hadn’t been able to show their new home to family members. They wanted this shoot to serve the purpose of being able to share the photos with family to introduce the to their newest family member and home. Lucky for us, the little guy opened his eyes for us!

Their home is beautiful!!! We didn’t shoot in all of the rooms but I definitely wanted to shoot in the room with the best natural light! That room I called, the Piano room! Von told me that it was actually Cary’s favorite room too! So I was happy that there was special meaning to these photos. I immediately thought, father/daughter piano moments! So we sat the little one on her dad’s lap and pressed play! There is actually a sound player connected to the piano!

I absolutely fell in love with the gigantic yellow leaved trees outside their home! I arrived a little early to the family shoot so that I could scout some locations. The trees were actually across the street! Fortunately since the house is on a hill, I was able to get them perfectly in their backdrop! I was definitely getting carried away shooting these trees and had to come back to reality and continue with other spots around the home!



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