Sand Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina X Child of Wild

December 25, 2020

Sand Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina X Child of Wild

As a San Diego photographer, I get to shoot all kinds of photo sessions. Whether it’s weddings, maternity, portraits or branding. It’s super fun when I set aside time and do a passion project shoot. Where I come up with my own vision of a shoot and go out there and do it. I think of the location, the theme, and help with wardrobe and accessories. These Glamis Sand Dunes Fashion Photos | Verina X Child of Wild were lit! Literally!

Verina, my go to muse and friend, was such a trooper because the day of the shoot was over 100*!! We were sweating from head to toe and instantly, as soon as we got out of the car! Verina didn’t even wear makeup in this portion of the shoot because it was so hot! Verina also works at Child of Wild, and so she brought some pieces for us to shoot with too!

When I think of shooting in the desert, I always picture blue skies and a bold color for wardrobe, specifically RED! When Verina showed me her red dress, I instantly thought of the French painting during the Romanticism period called, Liberty Leading the People, by Eugène Delacroix. So that is what I had pictured in my mind as I was shooting her. It’s always great to have a story in your mind when shooting.

I was also testing a new lens filter that I bought from Prism Lens FX that does a kaleidoscope effect. I wish the main subject was a little bolder in comparison to the kaleidoscopic effects, but maybe I just need more practice with it. It only fits on my 70-200mm lens. I wish it would have fit my 35mm prime lens. With practice and time I should get the hang of it.



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