San Diego Grad Portraits | Balboa Park | Kaitlin

October 7, 2022

San Diego Grad Portraits | Balboa Park | Kaitlin

As a San Diego senior portrait photographer, I get a mix of senior grads and high school seniors. Usually I see the San Diego high school seniors reaching out in the late summer / early fall. With the college grad students in early or late spring. Lately though, and especially due to covid, many college grads have booked their sessions in the fall. I am here for it! Why? Less crowds on campus! Not all San Diego grad portraits need to be shot on campus, some take it out in nature! In these San Diego Grad Portraits | Balboa Park | Kaitlin explored all the different backdrops the park had to offer!

If you are looking for a location with the diverse backdrops, then Balboa Park is your place! There is so much to cover, you could literally spend all day there! Even then you might still need more time! Whether it’s the greenery, the architecture, or the tree trunks, it’s all there! Weekdays are definitely a better option when shooting at Balboa Park. It is a pretty popular place!

If your grad photo session client is wanting two outfits, not including the gown, then I would suggest they book at least one and a half hour session. The gown will be photographed in all different versions. Meaning, it can be full gown with cape and stol. Then you can start removing certain pieces so that you get a variety of looks. Then you can finish with just the outfit itself.

If your location requires lots of walking, make sure your senior portrait client has comfy shoes or a change of shoes. The last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable or be in pain. It will definitely show in the photos! Having a small tote bag to carry extra shoes is always a good idea!


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