La Jolla Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

July 22, 2018

La Jolla Family Photos | Catherine + Danny

The money shot! All 5 sets of eyeballs looking at you! It’s a moment where every photographer who shoots family photos can jump up and down and feel like they just trekked Mount Everest! Seriously though, you really do feel accomplished and relieved;  after all this is WHY your client hired you for, to take family photos!

Family Photos: La Jolla, California

I usually shoot family photos in an outdoor location somewhere in San Diego, be it a forest, beach, or even the flower fields in Carlsbad! This time though, we shot in the family’s home. I find myself doing more in home shoots lately. I’m into it and I feel like families feel more comfortable surrounded by what makes them a family! Plus it helps to have their toys around when they need to be bribed to smile 😉

As you can see this is a beautiful and growing family! This shoot was taken about a week or so after the third child was born! A lot of bodies to observe through one little lens but we made it work! With a little patience and a LOT of bribes, we got everyone smiling!

The shoot was extra special because I’ve known the mom since we were in middle school! So it’s amazing to see how we met as kids are now having kids! Kind of makes you feel a littttttle bit older 😉 But I must say, I admire her passion and love for her kids! Can’t believe she is on baby #3! I think the more kids, the more she is staying young!

Dad is also on in on this theory! Both parents are going through reverse aging!

Another thing I love about family shoots, is seeing how the kids interact with one another. I can safely say they are elated to welcome their younger brother!

Although the daughter is now outnumbered, she has spunk like her mom and will definitely still run the house!

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