Scripps Pier Maternity Photos

January 22, 2019

Scripps Pier Maternity Photos

There is nothing more romantic than a maternity shoot at the beach during sunset! For these maternity photos: scripps beach was lit perfectly! It was a winter weekday so the beach was practically ours! Surprisingly the water was not too cold! We all had our feet in the water!

I love couples that go with the flow and will go the extra mile (in to the water) for the shot! These two are days away from celebrating their first child! It’s such a special moment in their lives! They are 100% excited, no fear here for these first time parents!

For the most part, when I come down to scripps beach, there is a line to photograph under the pier. Fortunately as it was a slow Monday winter evening, we had plenty of time to explore and have fun under the pier! The tide was extremely low, so we didn’t have to worry about crashing waves!

Can she look any more angelic? For those of you wondering, you can find a dress like this one on AMAZON. It’s pretty much a one time use dress, especially if you are going to photograph in the water. They are affordable though.

I love when the hubby’s get excited for the photoshoot! This one in particular was so supportive! He never complained once about the time or not wanting to take any more photos. He kept encouraging his wife and telling her how beautiful she looked as I was shooting. I mean it just can’t get better than this. Such a great environment to shoot maternity photos!

This has to be one of my favorite San Diego maternity shoots to date. The lighting, the weather, the outfit, the love between the mother and father to be. It all came together to create this beautiful pregnancy shoot!



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